God knows I try, I really do.

School Holidays,

Ive seen those clever photographer mum's.......Yeah I've seen them. 

Up at 5 getting the crafts, cutting the lunch, charging the batteries type of wonderful.

Children perfectly turned out in subtle vintage hues. 

Or so they'll show you.

No sharpie drawn full sleeve tattoos there, grey marl loose bottom track pants and the like.

God knows I try, I really do.

I want so much to be tidy, to be together, to be clever, to be kind.

Most of the time I can manage one or none of these things, and that's the truth.

So here's the thing, I'll will do crafts, I will make some cool things.

I'll probably say "for fuck sake." more than once.

 My house will be a hot mess.

Dinner won't be cooked.

Enjoy the beauty in my very own chaos.