Film Making The New Frontier


Creating films is something we have been toying with for quite some time. like all things we think and talk about it for what seems an eternity and then we do it.

We had some amazing help from a local film making legend Mark Lahood. check out more of his work here on Vimeo

Watching him edit with us over his shoulder was quite and experience he was so damn fast! What would have been published in late 2022 by us was done within a day.

We had our local talent Brooke Barrett grace us in gowns by New Zealand Designer Rue De Seine.

The fine detail and fringing on these gowns catching the light in motion was incredible.

Rue De Seine.


Brooke's makeup looks were expertly created Vlogger Beauty guru Annalee Muggeridge  keep watching for cameo appearance.

We are so inspired to be learning and collaborating with all of the talented people, turn up the sound and check out the fruits of our labour.