Home - Perfectly Imperfect


There’s nothing quite like a kick in the pants to get you talking about what it is that you love. Thankful to NZ House and Garden for the wee nudge that had us Photographing my home and sharing a snippet of how I live and what I love. I have always been super passionate about all things home, all things vintage layered and interesting. You could say its in my blood I grew up in a household where garage sales, auctions, op shopping (before it was cool) was the norm and our home was a constant rotation of objects and art all with amazing histories and story’s to go with, it was eclectic and interesting and I think it definitely left its mark.

Our home is a work in progress and a constant evolution, much like ourselves. With four girls and us both self employed Rick and I have done everything on a limited budget with a whole lotta love and patience over the last 13 years. At times I would have loved for this to be different and a lotto win would have been marvelous but….. I think a slow and steady approach has resulted in a 100% unique space one that is interesting, family friendly and most importantly tells the story of who lives here. This Im super proud of. I love homes that grow with their people and have the normal imperfections of age. I love spaces that don’t look overly designed, spaces that are comfortable and look as though they have always been there.


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