We are Brooke Lean and Gina Fabish.

Curators of the Virtue.

Photographers. Mothers. Compadres. Purveyors of glorious things.

We are based in New Plymouth New Zealand at the foot of Mt. Taranaki surrounded by the wild black sand beaches of the North Island's West Coast. 

Both born within metres of each other it's our home and a massive part of who we are.

Between us we have given birth to six children and thousands of ideas, often lost to the tide of the rushing mother.

We have a dream, a plan, a big picture.

Our collaboration has given us the confidence and knowledge to trust, explore, grow and share the journey.

Trace our maps follow our stories share with us a road less travelled.

Wisdom is knowing what to do - The Virtue is doing it.

This is us.

This is us.