Who Are We?

We are Brooke Lean and Gina Fabish.

Curators of the Virtue.

Photographers. Mothers. Compadres. Purveyors of glorious things.

We are based in New Plymouth New Zealand at the foot of Mt. Taranaki surrounded by the wild black sand beaches of the North Island's West Coast. 

Both born within metres of each other it's our home and a massive part of who we are.

Between us we have given birth to six children and thousands of ideas, often lost to the tide of the rushing mother.

We have a dream, a plan, a big picture.

Our collaboration has given us the confidence and knowledge to trust, explore, grow and share the journey.

Trace our maps follow our stories share with us a road less travelled.

Wisdom is knowing what to do - The Virtue is doing it.

xox Brooke and Gina

Welcome to The Virtue, an Interiors & Bridal concept store, created by Brooke Lean and Gina Fabish.

Professional photographers for over 10 years, the two started shooting weddings together around 6 years ago, finding in each other a kindred spirit with a similar photographic sensibility and the same eye for glorious things. Collaborating has allowed them to push the envelope creatively and gain more momentum as a duo than they perhaps could have alone. And with six children between them, they’ve been able to support and cheerlead for each other personally, too. As they watched the NZ wedding industry at large grow, so too did their desire to evolve their own business – to create a platform that would encompass all their passions – weddings and photography, interiors and travel, and the sisterhood of other women in business.

The Virtue was born.

The Virtue is destination store and working photographic studio, where Brooke and Gina create and sell their photography (as stunning framed prints, and now also a line of silk scarves) and a range of unique globally-sourced interior and bridal pieces – both new and vintage.

The space is situated in a beautiful old building on New Plymouth’s main street, with views of the Huatoki river and the ocean beyond. The look is a marriage of old world charm and modern design. The bones – beautiful wooden floorboards, a dramatically-high stud with rustic exposed beams – have been lovingly restored, and they sit in contrast to elements like custom neon signs (my fave is the one that just says ‘Gloriousness‘) and a solid brass counter designed in collab with Anika Rowson of Rowson Kitchens.

As well as being a retail store, it’s a place for Brooke and Gina’s clients to come and be inspired and surrounded by all things beautiful – with a full bridal styling service including wedding gowns by Brooke Tyson, lingerie by Lonely, floristry, photography and bespoke scent and candle creation. Petal & Prickle, by well-known floral stylist Sofie Park, has recently opened in the same building,

The Virtue is an inspiring, category-redefining business. 

As described By Alana Broadhead of the New. New Zealand Design Blog

Visit The Virtue at 12 Devon Street West (up the stairs), New Plymouth, New Zealand.