La Habana Incense 60 Sticks
La Habana Incense 60 Sticks

La Habana Incense 60 Sticks

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A modern take on an ancient ritual | 60 sticks

Combining tradition with a refined blend of premium perfumes. The Virtues incense release their smoky charms in timeless fragrance. Infused by hand in Oakura, New Zealand. Each stick 1 hour burn time (approx).

La habana: An earthly entanglement. Enveloping. Tobacco plumes move in a sensuous dance. The sweetness of jasmine takes centre stage. Atmosphere and energy anchored by cedar wood and sandalwood. The scent of a cuban dream.

How to keep safe while we burn one down? Take a deep breath, ensure your pets and children can't find you. Clear schedule and space. Light your incense much like a cigarette. Gently blow out the flame to release our smoky charms. Take another deep breath. Repeat 60 times.



Dry Cuban Tobacco Leaves, Tonka Beans


Jasmine, Cedar Wood


Musk, Sandalwood, Amyris


The Scent of a Cuban Dream. Warm Sensuous and Enveloping.

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