The Virtue

Like a photograph or an artwork, fragrance has the power to eternise.

A sensory experience, that captures fleeting moments in time and imprints them in our hearts and minds.

While we can’t relive them, we can revisit them, with each glance at an old polaroid, or whiff of a lingering scent trail evoking vivid memories of a moment that once was.

The Virtue is a celebration of these experiences, and our ability to shape them.

The freedom we have to live boldly, curating rich, enduring experiences, that will stay with us forever.

Step inside the doors of The Virtue's flagship store and be transported to another realm.

The Virtue, located in the heart of New Plymouth's CBD brings a bold and unique approach to design and retail. 

About Brooke

“I've always been preserving memories. Now the medium has changed.”

Evolving is a wave you either get onboard or fall underneath. When blended with a creative’s brush, the exquisite work of Brooke Lean begins to take place. Her essence is woven into every fibre of The Virtue.

With a firm and formidable history as a photographer, capturing an expression or moment through a lens has been a sweet collision when it comes to fragrance.

It’s when you step into the four walls that contain the heart of The Virtue, do you experience the tapestry of transcendence, as if your entire soul exhaled. The elegance is effervescent and the indulgence is encouraged. For Brooke's warm nature is the real glow underneath it all.

She's a mother, she's a lover, with salt and sand in her veins.

"Our store is more than just a shop, it's a sensory experience, a catalyst to memory and imagination."

Selling fine fragrances, Photography & curiosities from around the globe.

Oh and don’t forget, fresh locally sourced flowers on the daily!

Come, stay awhile, find something you love.

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