Zambesi 1979 50ml Parfum
Zambesi 1979 50ml Parfum

Zambesi 1979 50ml Parfum

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Genderless and magnetic, Zambesi’s ‘1979’ is as complex as it is powerful. The scent exudes a darkness with a warm, earthy depth that magnificently collides with the sharp freshness of its top notes to create a fragrance that defies traditions.

Housed in a square glass bottle with a Zambesi-esque black lid, the parfum fragrance is timeless in its appeal. Curated by Zambesi and crafted in collaboration with us, the gender-neutral scent is made using fragrance exclusively sourced from. For 1979, the fashion label and fragrance house came together to create a sultry and enigmatic scent with top notes of bitter almond and bergamot, heart notes of patchouli and vanilla, and base notes of vetiver and leather. The parfum is a blend of essential oils, botanical extracts and 100% cruelty-free and ethically-derived ingredients. 

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