Havana Blues Book
Havana Blues Book

Havana Blues Book

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Enter the vibrant world of Havana with Assouline’s Havana Blues by Pamela Ruiz.

This captivating travel series book paints a vivid picture of the Cuban capital - its charming pastel facades, vintage cars frozen in time, and the enchanting melodies of live music that saturate the air. Havana's energy is unparalleled, a result of its dynamic history from Spanish colonial roots and the glamour of the 1950s to the Cuban revolution and its recent cultural renaissance.

The city's artistic flair, culinary delights, and eclectic blend of influences have forged a unique identity. From intricate baroque architecture to sleek art deco designs, Havana's buildings narrate stories of resilience. While undergoing restoration Havana's indomitable spirit of progress shines through, making it a magnetic draw for visitors. Through the pages of Havana Blues, join the journey of Havana's evolution and savor the allure of its ever-advancing charm.

Measures: 254mm x 330mm x 38mm
Linen Hardcover: 296 pages

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